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Portraits of women : Karine, Weaver

After earning a degree in Human & Social service and a medical-social science baccalaureate (A level), I wanted to continue my studies, but I had to be able to finance them.  So, I looked for work and, in the end, I didn’t go back to school.  Instead, I worked for 17 years in jewelry and 3 years in meat packing industry. After working in the same field for many years I wanted to try something new.

I was hired by Chomarat in August 2019 as a weaver, at the same time I was also trained in heddling. Chomarat recruits based on aptitude and personality tests not just on the resume.

As a weaver, I am responsible for checking the quality of the fabric on the machine, doffing the finished rolls as well as packaging and labeling.  My job requires focus and patience, as you must be conscientious to ensure the best quality product.

My job is stimulating; looking for the right setting, thinking about an issue and finding how to solve it. I find it rich and diverse, far from routine work.

Traditionally, the weaver job was reserved for men. Today, thanks to mechanical tools, it is accessible to women without constraint or the need for heavy lifting.

In this rather masculine world, women are well accepted.  I was integrated quickly and in a very natural way.  I am the only female weaver on my team, but I love my job and there is no prejudice to my skills. I also think that it is sometimes easier to work in a mixed team. At Chomarat, women have the same chances as men, the same opportunities.

If I have a message to share, I would tell young women not to hesitate to try new things. We must seize opportunities that arise even if we do not feel fully ready and we should not be afraid of new challenges!


Chomarat™ Corporate