Chomarat Corporate

Chomarat – a world of excellence focusing on innovation

Looking for efficiency, a look, a feel? We offer diverse know-how in textiles, chemicals or processes and a wealth of reinforcement or appearance solutions.

Innovative solutions for all markets

The search for excellence is the guiding principle behind the Chomarat Group’s developments, in all our activities (whether designed for the luxury goods world, aeronautics, construction, the marine sector, the automotive industry, wind power, etc.).

Unique collaborative partnerships

Innovation is often the fruit of discussions, encounters and the sharing of expertise.

To bring our customers innovative solutions and develop the materials of the future, Chomarat collaborates closely with world-famous universities, research institutes and technical centers. Its partnerships on different collaborative projects or joint ventures with Stanford University and the University of Hanyang in South Korea illustrate this ability to back bold projects.

Sustainable innovation

Innovation is also part of a sustainable development approach: protect the environment, recycle materials, reduce energy consumption, work with organically sourced materials, and offer solutions to reduce the weight of vehicles.

Chomarat Corporate