Founded in 1898, Chomarat is an independent industrial group that has become a benchmark in the world of composite materials and technical textiles. It has three businesses that function in synergy – Composites Reinforcements, Construction Reinforcements, and Coatings & Films – Textiles – and it draws on an international organizational structure with four industrial sites in France, Tunisia, the United States and China.

The Group has a strong innovation strategy: it invests in new technologies and carries out research through academic and technical partnerships on all continents.

Chomarat™ offers a high level of technical expertise in the most innovative sectors, including the automotive, aeronautics, sports, energy, marine and construction industries, and also in markets demanding high standards, know-how and creativity, such as the luxury goods market.


Reinforcements equal efficiency

Chomarat™ has a wide range of technologies to design and produce reinforcements for efficient and innovative composites. Woven fabric, multiaxial and sandwich reinforcements made from glass, aramid and carbon fiber.

Chomarat™ innovates in carbon reinforcements and opens up new prospects for lighter, more efficient composites for the automotive, sports and leisure, industrial and aeronautics sectors.


When materials hold up…

In the construction field, Chomarat is an expert in grid technology, which combines textile and chemical know-how. The Group designs and manufactures products used for their effectiveness in reinforcing roads, structural works, façades, bituminous membranes and in plasterboard or cement board, and precast elements.

Coatings & Films - Textiles

The Chomarat™ “label” from cars to luxury goods

The Chomarat™ Group is a specialist in textile coatings for the automotive industry, luxury luggage, protective clothing and the industrial sector, and an expert in technical films for hot stamping. We combine efficiency, comfort and finishing for these demanding sectors.