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Resilience #4 : our employees testify

Denis Chabanas is a machine operator for the Coatings & Films activity. The films produced on this machine are intended for luxury luggage and heat transfers for textiles.

Denis has been part of the Chomarat group since 1991 and has worked in various workshops during his career: hosier, laboratory employee and control operator before becoming a coating machine operator.

“I returned to work on April 21 after a month of lockdown at home.  We were just four people to come back that day.  After being trained in new sanitary procedures, I returned to my workstation.

The measures the organization put in place scared me a bit at first, but finally I got used to wearing a mask, gloves and barrier gestures pretty quickly. The first day went well, I was happy to come back to work and there were only two of us at the workstation.  Even if the more frequent cleanings make the organization a little different, overall, the work remains the same.

Measures like wearing a mask, cleaning the changing rooms and dining halls are important to me.

I find that the recovery was well organized, and that everyone embraces the changes in a positive spirit.”


Chomarat™ Corporate