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Resilience #3 : our employees testify

Jacques Delorme is an operator at the “Coated thread” workshop. He joined Chomarat France in 1996. He shares his testimony on the resumption of activity after a month of lockdown and partial unemployment.

“I returned to work on April 15 after a month of lockdown.  When I was called, I was not apprehensive. I knew there were constraints linked to the reopening.  Time went fast during the lockdown, I occupied myself with various DIY projects in the house, I was rather happy to return to work.

After compulsory training in sanitary measures, I returned to my workstation. I found this first day a little strange with the wearing of a mask and gloves. But finally, I adapted very quickly, and the second day was already much better.

At the beginning there were very few of us in the workshop. The measures are well applied (cleaning, wearing a mask, etc.). The constraints related to cleaning are more important when there are many people, but we have all adapted quite well.

Wearing a mask as well as disinfecting one’s workstation are important measures to fight the virus; especially when we work in close contact with each other. It is a difficult habit to get into, but it is now an integral part of our work.

Barrier gestures and hygiene measures (wearing a mask, cleaning hands and the workplace) are the priority.

The protection of self and others is at the heart of our concerns today. However, I regret the distance that has settled between colleagues at work with less discussion, imposed by social distancing. “

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