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Resilience #2 : our employees testify


Relocating a workstation and printer to the lab allows Cindy Hart to practice safe distancing which eased concerns about returning to work

Cindy Hart has been a quality facilitator at Chomarat North America since 1998.  Her workspace was adapted to reduce the chance of exposure which eased her concerns of returning to work.

In March, Chomarat North America paused operations at its construction plant for one week as a precaution due to the possible exposure of an employee to Covid-19.  Cindy had some concerns about coming back to work and decided to use vacation time to stay at home an additional week.   During that time, the company relocated her office to the Carbon Grid lab where she would be able to perform her job while having less contact with other colleagues.   When asked if she was afraid to come back to work, Cindy said,

“I was not afraid, but I was cautious, I wore my mask and socially distanced 6ft apart from everyone.  The company has done a good job providing us with what we need, we do the health assessment in the morning when we come to the plant, and we have access to hand sanitizers and the cleaning supplies we need, so I think they’ve done a really good job”.

Most importantly for Cindy was being able to relocate her work desk away from a more heavily trafficked area.  She has direct access to the Carbon Grid Lab which has enabled her to reduce the number of daily interactions with other associates. Cindy added,

“I do feel better, more comfortable out here.  My work feels mostly the same compared to before the crisis, I’m just in a different area, really there’s no big change”.

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