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Portraits of women : Sara, Process Engineer

After a scientific baccalaureate, I entered an engineering school. I chose an industrial and logistics engineering course (ENSA in Morocco). I wanted a versatile profile because I was convinced that this choice would open more opportunities and choices for me in company assignments. At the end of this training, I did a master’s degree in industrial production at the University of Strasbourg.

After my master’s degree, in June 2019, I was hired at Chomarat as a methods engineer following a job creation. For a first professional integration, I had the chance to be well supervised and I adapted quickly within the company.

The methods engineer is a support for production. My job is to optimize the manufacturing process, to lead continuous improvement projects and to ensure the consistency of standard ranges within production capabilities. This work requires a significant presence in the field. I am in constant interaction with the people on the machine and we work together to ensure that production is optimized.

What I like about my job is the interaction with the different players in the company. To be successful, you must work as a team. In addition, it is a varied job that is not at all routine. It allows me to have different assignments in different projects mainly for the Coatings & Films business.

I have a rather positive view of the evolution of women at Chomarat. There is no position defined as exclusively female or male. Like men, women manage to find a place in the organization. This is evidenced by the large number of women who have joined the company.

I work in a mixed environment without stereotypes or prejudices. Since joining the company, I have always felt like I was part of a team. It’s easy to find your place at Chomarat.

My spare time is spent reading. I especially like Anthony Robbins, author of personal development books.

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