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Portraits of women : Hélène, Logistics and Methods manager

Today, Hélène combines the functions of Logistics manager and Methods manager.

I studied science at university and then at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.  I obtained my general engineering degree in 2002. At the end of my studies, I joined the Chomarat company as a project manager with the aim of implementing water reclamation technology for the textiles activity.  Once the technology was running, I changed my mission to work in tandem on the integration and deployment of our production system and on the development of the research and development project management tool.

At the end of 2009, I was called upon to work on industrialization projects and a year later I was appointed head of the industrialization department (including the Composites, Textiles and Coating activities).

At the end of 2015, industrialization and productivity were placed under the responsibility of production managers, so I took on the position of laboratory manager. It was a challenge!  With the discovery of a profession more oriented towards products and management.  I focused on increasing the skills of the staff, motivating them by developing autonomy but also by rationalizing tasks for greater efficiency and serenity. It was a great experience!

Recently, a new challenge was entrusted to me, the responsibility for the entire logistics flow which includes customer service, the planning service (scheduling and supply), the physical flow service and the shipping / transport service. This function is in addition to the responsibilities of the Methods department taken in early 2020.

At Chomarat, we are given the opportunity to have a varied professional background with development opportunities.  I find it to be a rewarding, interesting learning experience and it is why I chose to continue my career at Chomarat.

The company is based on technology and expertise with significant scientific added value.  17 years ago, when I was hired, there were few women in management.  Over the past 5 years, many young female engineers have joined the company.

Being a mother of three with a full personal life has made given me additional skills to properly balance and prioritize my responsibilities.  I have learned to work efficiently, at a high level of productivity while managing stress to get my job done.

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