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Portraits of women : Carole, Project manager for the Coatings & Films business

In high school, I really enjoyed math and wanted to continue in this direction. Later, I joined Ensait, a prestigious textile engineering institute in Roubaix France.  I immediately received real world experience learning the techniques of knitting, weaving, spinning, dyeing.  I really liked it!

In 1996, I applied to Chomarat for the position of Automotive and Coating Laboratory Manager, I remained in this position for 5 years learning critical aspects of that business.

I then had the opportunity to evolve my career experiences, first to the position of automotive customer satisfaction manager and then to product & project quality manager for the automotive textile business and later for the coatings & films activity and the composite activity.  My role was to support the project managers to develop products and processes with the help of quality tools. I found it very interesting and rewarding to be able to work in all of our different businesses.

Today, I am project manager for the luggage market. I am in direct contact with clients (developers and buyers). My job is to offer the best solution in terms of cost, quality and efficiency using all the technological tools at my disposal.  It’s a challenge every time!

If I look at the place of women in the company, I can say that Chomarat has always employed women and continues to do so. I was hired at Chomarat when I was 25 and replaced a man. I have never felt any discrimination against women in the company.

Like many women, I may have encountered certain macho behaviors in my life, but societal developments have changed mentalities enormously.

Outside of work, I have a busy life. I am involved in the life of my children’s school and have been captain of the local women’s tennis team for over 10 years.

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