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Portraits of woman : Manon, Operator helper on coating machine

My initial training was for a professional driving and services certificate which led me to become a truck driver. Then as part of a professional retraining, I obtained a BPREA (Professional Certificate for agricultural operations), followed by training in beekeeping. In 2019, I applied to Chomarat for the position of weaver for the composites business. After a few months, I came to strengthen the teams in the Coatings & Films activity. Today I am operator helper on coating machines, and I would like to become a machine operator.

My job is to assist the machine operator throughout the production process. It includes cleaning, changes of materials, cylinders, the detection of defects and the lifting of rolls.

I like this job for its diversity. It is both manual and physical but also meticulous when it comes to controlling colors. There is no routine and it takes thought and logic. In addition, I have the opportunity to drive a forklift.

When I was younger, I dreamed of freedom and working outdoors, but today working at Chomarat gives me the opportunity to have fixed hours and to easily combine professional and private life.

There are few women in production. However, they have their place in workshops, even if certain tasks with heavy physical demands remain inaccessible. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always been used to working in a masculine world and I had no difficulty adjusting. I was well received by the team and I integrated quickly although at first my male colleagues were surprised to see me in this position.

I would say to young women who are wondering about a job like mine that you shouldn’t be intimidated. This job actually involves a lot of supervision and there’s no reason they can’t do it.

Coming to work at Chomarat is not difficult for a woman regardless of location and activity. Above all, there are a lot of misconception about the profession and the male universe.

For my part, I am happy to work for the Coatings & Films business, the atmosphere is good. We are fortunate to have superiors who are attentive, understanding and engaged. There is a real exchange.


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