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CHOMARAT received the support of the French Government, as part of the Economic Recovery Plan, for the launch of its “Convertir” project. Here, our goal is to position ourselves sustainably as a leading supplier of high-performance reinforcements for the automotive market.

An ambitious technological project

The project, already approved by the Techtera and CARA competitiveness clusters, consists of modernizing an existing multi-axis glass machine by transforming it into a production line dedicated to a range of unidirectional carbon reinforcements. To attain this objective, new equipment must be added and the machine environment adapted.

The project, which requires an investment of €2 million over three years, was the winner in a call for projects to modernize the automotive sector. As Raphaël Laurent, Administrative and Financial Director at Chomarat notes,

“Convertir is an ambitious project and is important for the future development of Chomarat. Having the support of the Economic Recovery Plan was a major factor in our decision to launch this project in 2021”.

Chomarat is positioning itself to conquer emerging mobility markets.

This project is part of Chomarat’s strategic plan, which began in 2011, and of the numerous innovation projects carried out since then.

“Convertir has a twofold objective: first, we want to boost the productivity of the current carbon line by 40% by using it for more complex reinforcements for growth markets such as automotive or photovoltaic. Second, we want to have a second line capable of supplying a range of functionalized and competitive unidirectional carbon materials to meet the development of new automotive applications” explains Francisco De Oliveira, Head of the Advanced Composites business line.

Chomarat’s ambition is to position itself as a leading supplier of high-performance reinforcements for future needs in rethought mobility. (weight reduction, battery protection, hydrogen tanks, etc.).

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