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CHOMARAT confirms its commitment to sustainable innovation at the JEC WORLD 2022 Show

At JEC WORLD 2022, Chomarat will highlight a range of products that increase the sustainability of applications.  JEC visitors are invited to Chomarat’s booth to hear experts share success stories illustrating how these  solutions help industries reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Chomarat will also support the launch of the new book on Double Double, hosting a presentation on this disruptive way of designing and manufacturing composite laminates

At JEC World 2022, Chomarat will unveil a large range of natural fiber based reinforcements.

Diagonap with Flax fibers
Diagonap – flax fiber based multilayer

Chomarat has a long experience and strong knowledge in natural fiber-based reinforcements for composite applications. Depending on the application,  Chomarat can produce Tapes or Multilayers reinforcements.

These technologies were choosen as they are particularly well adapted to natural fibers. They provide a very flat reinforcement for better surface appearance and can be produced in small quantities.”said Vincent Cholvy , Head of glass composites business for CHOMARAT.

We are developing new reinforcements based on flax fibers in collaboration with Terre de Lin. Other natural fibers like hemp can be used alone or combined with traditional fibers. In addition to being produced in France and having a reduced carbon footprint, flax fibers have technical advantages; they are patricularly recommended for applications requiring lightness, and vibration and acoustic damping” explains Vincent Cholvy.

Meetings with experts highlighting Chomarat’s sustainable solutions

This year Chomarat has decided to open its booth to experts sharing their knowledge on sustainable solutions. During the three days show,  visitors will be able to attend free and open discussions on the following topics :

  • The benefits of using flax in sustainable composites by Anne Nizery, Marketing and development manager at TERRE DE LIN and Gaëtan Mouton, R&D project Manager at CHOMARAT
  • Enhancing infusion processes and reducing carbon footprint with G-Flow™ by Vincent Cholvy, Head of Glass Composites Business at CHOMARAT
  • Carbon Grids deliver greener concrete structures by John Leatham, Sales and Marketing Director at CHOMARAT North America
  • Glass fiber grid, a sustainable solution for road maintenance by Daniel Doligez, Technical Director at 6D SOLUTIONS and Claudio Colombi, Head of Construction Business at CHOMARAT

The full program is here : 

Discover a disruptive way of manufacturing and designing composite laminates

On the occasion of the release of a new book on Double Double co-written by Stephen Tsai from Stanford University and worldwide researchers and scientists, Chomarat is proud to host a brief introduction of Double-Double – a disruptive way of manufacturing and designing composite laminates.

The presentation led by Thierry Massard , Head of THINK COMPOSITES EUROPE and Naresh Sharma, CEO at NASHERO will highlight technical and business benefits of Double-Double through an example of part construction.

“Double-double (DD) is a new class of composite laminates, replacing the conventional quad that limits ply angles to 0, ±45, 90, and many other laminates called unconventional” explains Thierry Massard, World Fellow of the International Committee on Composite Materials.

C-PLY, carbon multiaxial

Chomarat has been working with Stephen Tsai and his global team since the mid-2000’s and have collectively pioneered some innovative concepts and materials.  The use of Chomarat’s C-Ply™ multiaxial is an important bridge in Double-Double that allows many of the design concepts to be scaled into processes that are usable by all parts manufacturers.

Presentation agenda :  May 03 and 05 at 11:00 am and May 04 at 02:00 pm at Chomarat’s booth 5A-J42


Discover more CHOMARAT’s innovations at JEC World

3-5 May 2022, Paris Nord Expo Villepinte (France)

Hall 5A – Stand J42

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