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Resilience #5 : our employees testify

Lewis Freeman has been with Chomarat North America since 2011.  Over the years he’s worked in the glass weaving department, the glass multiaxial department and is currently a Rovicore machine operator. 

In March, Chomarat North America paused it’s Rovicore operation for one week as a precaution due to the possible exposure of an employee to Covid-19.  After one week at home Lewis and his colleagues came back to work.

“I was a little edgy coming back, but all of the cleaning measures that were put in place made me more comfortable.  The fear I had about coming back to work went away when I was told about all of the cleaning and saw it being done”.

“The first day back we had a meeting and we discussed all of the things the company was doing to make working safe; they did a real fine job cleaning wise.”

Lewis said he was pleased with the level of communication about plans to stay safe including the daily health self-assessment forms each employee fills out before starting their shift.

“My job feels about the same as before the virus, I’m not in panic mode or anything”.

Chomarat™ Corporate