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ROTATEX™ reinforces Siniat Securtex® attack-resistant plasterboard

Securtex®: anti-intruder walling system

Siniat Securtex® plasterboard contains a laid high-tensile glass scrim from Chomarat, combined with a dense gypsum core.

Rotatex, laid glass scrim, brings extra mechanical strength and dissipates the force across the whole area of the board, providing impact resistance to party walls and doorsets.

No other components, such as metal lath or ply in the partition, are required in the system to design out crime and help avoid long-term maintenance costs caused by damage.

Taking advantages of Chomarat experience both in textile & chemistry

Rotatex™ laid glass scrim used in Securtex® was developed in close collaboration with Siniat: this glass grid is specially designed to provide:

  • Good tensile strength and tear resistance.
  • The diameter of the threads is selected to produce a grid with considerable flexibility and mechanical properties.
  • The Chomarat coating contributes to the flexibility of the grid and offers excellent resistance to puncture and aging.



More information on Siniat website

Securtex® is the first plasterboard-only system certified to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 and accredited by the Secured by Design Police Initiative

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