C-WEAVE™ Design brings Appeal & Structural benefits to padel rackets

Drop Shot’s padel racket was developed for expert players needing very powerful rackets.

C-WEAVE™ DESIGN: design appeal and structural benefits

C-WEAVE Design Carbon/Innegra™ is a light woven fabric that combines the ductile behavior of Innegra™ and the stiffness of carbon. This 2 in 1 fabric offers a different look on each side. It is particularly well suited for large surface products like board sports, kayaks, fat skis, foils, automotive panels…

C-Weave Design Carbon/Innegra™ is a visual and structural fabric which brings impact resistance and vibration damping benefits.


What is Innegra™?

 Innegra™ S is an olefin based high performance yarn used most often in conjunction with a high modulus fiber to increase toughness, impact resistance, vibration damping and in some cases reduce weight. Innegra™ is very valuable in all dynamic sports equipment products.

A lightweight and powerful padel racket developed for expert players

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