C-PLY™ HEXAGONAL, visual and structural stitching

The NeilPryde RS:X Convertible board has been developed to deliver ultimate performance in both operating modes – Foil Racing and Slalom. This uncompromising board features the latest technologies and materials available today in the high-end composites industry.

A 100% Full Carbon Sandwich

Full carbon PVC Sandwich construction using 100% Bi-axial layers on bottom and C-PLY™ on deck and rails. The primary objective for the construction of the new RS:X Convertible was to maximize performance while maintaining uncompromised shape consistency. Manufacturing process is wet resin layup with an innovative combination of vacuum compression and carbon mold to achieve hull accuracy and consistency of every single board.

C-PLY™ contribution

C-PLY™ HEXAGONAL is an innovative carbon NCF with a unique stitching yarn designed to remain visible after resin impregnation to capture resin color pigment and contribute to additionnal reinforcement in the Z axis.

New Carbon Look and better resistance to crack propagation

C-PLY™ with visual stitching combines visual appeal and mechanical performance.

  • Unique hexagonal carbon look appeals to end users.
  • High mechanical performance of thin ply NCF to reduce weight and delay micro-cracking versus thick plies and enhance mechanical performance versus a traditional 3K woven fabric.
  • The special stitching yarn improves the fracture toughness of the laminate.

Bringing a new carbon visual for our high-performance, C-PLY™ range is a retail sales booster in the whole sports & consumer product industry.

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