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C-PLY™ Hexagonal : at the heart of Babolat’s new tennis racket “Pure Aero”

In 2019, the Pure Aero offers high spin through a clever mix of two innovative concepts, resulting from ambitious technical partnerships:

  • C-PLY™ developed by Chomarat for superior stability
  • Cortex Pure Feel developed by SMAC for exceptional feel

Extraordinary stability and incredible feel

The addition of Chomarat’s C-PLY™ Hexagonal multiaxial carbon reinforcement at the heart of the Babolat Pure Aero racket enhances stability and boosts performance. The C-PLY™ Hexagonal fiber offers additional stiffening and an exceptional design. This unique fiber traps the color of resin pigments, as it has been designed to remain visible after impregnation.

C-PLY™ Hexagonal is one of the first multiaxial fibers to be used in a racket; it is pre-impregnated and then processed without any modification on the manufacturing line. This reinforcement replaces the UD prepreg traditionally used in this type of process. Integrated in the throat of the racket to give the new Pure Aero extraordinary stability, this carbon reinforcement is more rigid, bringing more stability at impact, which increases control.


Ultimate spin and maximum power

As players rely on spin, not only to defend themselves, but also to lead the game and gain an advantage over their opponent, the new Pure Aero incorporates third-generation aeromodular technology that provides optimal spin with every shot. This technology enhances the aerodynamics of the racket for faster speed at the head.


Combined with the sporty metallic finish and aerodynamic font, the new Pure Aero stands out on the court.

The new Babolat Pure Aero: legendary spin and power, increased control and feel

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