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C‑TAPE™, reinforce the «Figaro Beneteau 3 » foils

The project was ambitious, Multiplast had to reach a lower target cost, achieve a perfect foil shape, guarantee identical weight for all parts, and produce a set of foils per week over a period of one year.

For this project, CHOMARAT has developed a unidirectional woven tape, designed to meet the standards of industrial production for these appendages.

C-TAPE™, a high-performance carbon reinforcement with great design flexibility

C‑TAPE™ offers a lot of flexibility in terms of weight, width and construction. It has been optimized to facilitate series production, yet provide the foils with maximum performance. The weft yarn developed by CHOMARAT makes the tape easy to handle and to work with. It is produced in 50‑cm widths in order to adapt better to the mould, thus reducing both scrap and production cost.

A reinforcement that facilitates flow in multi-ply carbon structures

Fifty plies of tape are used to make the foil so that it can resist high levels of stress and achieve optimal performance.

The specific structure of C‑tape™ facilitates resin flow throughout the thickness. The reinforcement provides the desired mechanical performance and also cuts down on production time. The result is an ultra‑innovative foil, both for its geometry and for the fabrication process (infu‑jection) used. This new C‑tape™ is the fruit of close co‑operation between the MULTIPLAST and CHOMARAT development teams, and it rounds out our broad range of tapes.

CHOMARAT is working on different fibres and adapting the widths to customers’ processes in order to reduce costs.

A very innovative foil in terms of manufacturing process and geometry that brings stability to the monocoque. Figaro 3, is the first boat with foils produced in series.

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