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Resilience #1 : our employees testify

Christophe Gras has been a carbon weaver & creel operator at Chomarat France since 2017. He is one of the first volunteers who returned to work on April 6 after three weeks of activity suspension.

“After an hour-long training in sanitary measures, I returned to my post as before. Personally, I had respected the lockdown well and I began getting bored at home. I had no apprehension to come back to work.

Sanitary measures, wearing a mask and gloves and frequent cleaning are very reassuring. I got used to the protective equipment easily. Wearing gloves is sometimes complicated on certain operations where it becomes difficult to pass the threads through the comb, but we adapted.

For me cleaning is really a priority to fight against the virus.

The recovery is good, everything is going well and there is ultimately no difference between before and after the crisis. “

Chomarat™ Corporate