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Portraits of women : Vicky, R&T project manager

In high school, I had always been more drawn to science than to literary subjects. When I was 18, I had to choose an orientation, I knew nothing about the world of work and its professions. So, I opted for a scientific prep (mathematics focused) telling myself that it gave me time to think.

Two years later, I passed the competitions to enter engineering schools for technical fields (not theoretical!). I discovered textiles through oral exams and school visits. After being accepted at several schools, I finally chose the ENSISA Mulhouse for its smaller size and atmosphere.

I did not come from the world of textiles at all, it was a discovery over the course of 3 years of studies, meetings and visits to companies. Technical Textile Engineer diploma in my hand, I was determined to work in composites, but it was not so easy when you are a young graduate, inexperienced and impatient.

At that time, one of my teachers told me about a thesis that the Chomarat company wanted to carry out as part of a carbon project for aeronautics. I met the R&T Director and the Carbon Project Manager from Chomarat, I visited the site and agreed to do my thesis in 3 years with the assurance that it would be more practical than theoretical. In fact, I was integrated into the team as a young engineer.

My thesis subject focused on the development of thin carbon plies for aeronautics. The first year was aimed at understanding spreading and multiaxial machines, then gradually I collaborated on product developments for different sectors.

Once my thesis was completed, I accepted the position of Carbon Development Project Manager for aeronautics. Working in technical and commercial pairs is very rewarding and allows us to go further in developments with the client.

In 2018, I took responsibility for carbon process development with my own team. Today, I supervise two men and a PhD student.

My job is to design new manufacturing processes to develop innovative carbon materials. I spend around 50% of my time working on state-of-the-art carbon textile equipment.

I had no difficulty integrating into the business. I was lucky to always be welcomed and encouraged by fellow colleagues.

I think that women have more and more their place in our current society. They are heard more, even if we have not yet achieved equality, this is progressing.

I have a positive vision of the place of women at Chomarat. There have been many hires of young female engineers in recent years. This is a good trend for a family business historically managed by men. The company has opened up to young people and women. It’s very positive and shows a turning point in our management.

On the personal side, I have a passion for recycling and DIY.  For example, I collect wood and pallets to transform them into useful items such as a clock, a tray, a piece of furniture, etc.

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