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Construction Reinforcements

In the field of construction and civil engineering, Chomarat is an expert in grid technology, which combines textile and chemical know-how.

Chomarat reinforcements (grids or fabrics) are omnipresent both inside and outside buildings. They reinforce the waterproof membranes of roofing and façades. They make it possible to produce plasterboard and cement boards that are lighter and more resilient. Used in prefabricated units, they reduce the weight of concrete structures, thereby improving the carbon footprint of buildings.

Chomarat grids reinforce waterproof membranes

The specific construction of Chomarat grids improves the efficiency and durability of waterproof membranes. They provide dimensional stability and resistance to perforation regardless of the technologies involved.

Pavements to withstand the test of time

Chomarat has developed fiberglass reinforcements specially designed to reinforce pavements and treat fissures and bridging joints. They improve the useful life of flexible pavements and make it possible to reduce the thickness of the coating.

C-GRID® is a unique solution for concrete reinforcement.

In partnership with leading American construction companies, brought together under the Altus Group, Chomarat has designed C-GRID®, a reinforcement in carbon fiber and epoxy resin, created to replace the welded wire mesh in concrete structures and prefabricated panels; it reduces the weight of structures, cuts construction costs and prolongs service life.

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