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TER²A MAT, a glass/hemp hybrid reinforcement developed in partnership with the Beneteau Group.

Chomarat continues its work on the integration of natural fibers into its range of composite reinforcements. It has been specifically chosen by the Beneteau Group to develop a reinforcement incorporating natural fibers.

Our product, TER²A MAT, is a reinforcement combining glass and hemp fibers. It is used to manufacture small, non-structural parts such as hoods, seats, etc.


TER²A MAT provides a smooth surface and exceptional homogeneity. Its hybrid design enables to achieve the necessary mechanical performance. When combined with our draining reinforcement, G-FLOW™, it is used in infusion processes.

By selecting fibers from the Vendée region, we contribute to the development of the French economy and the establishment of a “short” supply chain. This commitment to the community reflects the social responsibility of both our companies.

TER²A MAT also allows the Beneteau Group to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of small boat parts. Each kilogram of glass replaced by this technology results in a saving of 4.35 kg of emitted CO2. This ecological approach contributes to environmental protection while meeting the expectations of customers concerned about sustainability.

The Beneteau Group aims to produce 30,000 composite parts with TER²A MAT, per year.

This innovation was among the finalists in the JEC Innovations Awards 2023.

TER²A MAT glass/hemp is an illustration of an innovative approach that combines performance, environmental responsibility, and commitment to local communities.

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