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Chomarat News n°4

Chomarat News is a publication by Chomarat on its innovations,succes stories and market trends for Composites Reinforcements, Constructions Reinforcements and Coatings & Films businesses. Discover the new issue! Chomarat-newsletter-EN-4

Chomarat is boosting its innovation strategy

Chomarat develops a new generation of multiaxial carbon fabrics fpr higher-performing more competitive composites for the aerospace and automotive markets.

A 3 year investment plan worth 35 million euros

CHOMARAT is announcing that it has set up an investment plan worth 35 million euros over a three-year period to boost innovation and modernize its French sites.

Early success for G-FLOW™

G-FLOW™, Chomarat’s 2 in 1 reinforcement for infusion and a jec innovation award for Chomarat as a partner in the Fast RTM project

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